Review of John Rowley’s Extremely Simple Fat Loss Diet

John Rowley’s diet and workout called Extremely Simple Fat Loss is currently being offered at $47. If you have not heard of John before he is a well known nutrition and fitness expert. You can read more about John Rowley here or you can learn more about his program in this review below.

Here are some important details about the program. However, before getting into the details, it’s important to know what this program is not meant to be a crash diet or a quick fix. Yes, you can lose quite a bit of weight in the first few weeks but it is more focused on making weight loss and maintenance a simple, pain-free way of life.

Extremely Simple Fat Loss – Five Main PDF’s

#1 – Main Manual (96 pages)

Extremely Simple Fat Loss

Extremely Simple Fat Loss diet by John Rowley – Click here

This is the meat of the program and the majority of the reading. In here John goes into depth on the does and don’ts of making fat loss effective and yes, simple. Here are the table of contents:


  • It’s As Simple As A Text
  • A Little Bit About Me
  • A Crack At A Time
  • More Than Just Fat Loss

Part I – Minding Your Mind

  • A Lesson From The Neighborhood
  • Who’s Better Than You
  • Get Lean With Goals
  • Going To Failure
  • Believe It Is Possible
  • The Power Of Habits
  • Picture It
  • Planning And Scheduling

Part II – Modifying Your Metabolism

  • Metabolic Re-Charge

Part III – Monitoring Your Mouth

  • As Simple As This Text
  • Eating On 10th Ave
  • The Million-Dollar Question, How To Lose Fat?
  • What To Eat

Part IV – Maximizing Your Muscles

  • Exercises That Work
  • How To Pick The Right Weight
  • The Perfect Routine
  • The Workout
  • Aerobic Training

Bonus: Part V Mastering Your Mores (Old Fashioned word for lifestyle)

  • The 90% Rule
  • The Power of Lifestyle

Final Thoughts

For more information about the manuals, please click here.

#2 – Quick Start Guide (7 pages)

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is a short, to the point guide on getting going. John recommends that you take a before picture, right down your goals and then dives into some very practical ways you should start eating.

#3 – Restaurant Guide (6 pages)

Restaurant Guide

Let’s face it, we all like going out to eat. The problem is that this can absolutely ruin a diet. John gives 10 simple and effective tips to implement when you go out to eat that make it perfectly acceptable.

#4 – Supplement Guide (32 pages)

Supplement Guide

No, supplements are not required for this program. John puts together a list of supplements that he uses, his family uses and that he can whole-heartedly recommend. He recommends the full line up supplements available at BioTrust and personally uses 10 of them.

#5 – Workout Guide (23 pages)

Workout Guide

John lays out different workout options based on different experience and availability. Whether you prefer to workout 3 days a week or something else, John puts together some effective and easy to follow plans.

Six Workbook PDF’s

Extremely Simple Fat Loss program also comes with six different workbooks. These are designed to help you put what you’ve learned to use and to track your progress as you go.

  1. Approved Foods
  2. Carb Guide
  3. Eating Old School
  4. Goal Sheet
  5. Protein Chart
  6. The Workout

Where to Buy Extremely Simple Fat Loss

John is offering this workout and diet program through a third party website called Click Bank. You can visit John’s official website here but after you click to buy the program you will be directed to a checkout page that looks like this.

Checkout on Click Bank

Note: this is actually a very good thing. For any product to be sold through Click Bank the vendor (John Rowley in this case) must offer a full money back guarantee for to 60 days after your purchase.

Having this guarantee ensures that the program is good and that if he purchaser is not completely satisfied all he/she has to do is send and email he’ll get his full money back. So if you’re wondering if Extremely Simple Fat Loss is a scam you can rest assured that it is not.

Of course, it’s not some miracle program that you can buy and read and automatically lose weight. But, if you do follow John’s advice, he really does make losing fat simple.

The reason John offers his program though Click Bank is because he knows that it is a solid program and he is comfortable guaranteeing it’s results. Also, Click Bank handles the order processing and delivery of the product details – which can be pricey for smaller vendors. Online stores are expensive to run.

Is Extremely Simple Fat Loss Good?

Honestly, I have to give this diet program my full recommendation. It is a solid program and there are few others better to take advice from than Mr. Rowley.

With a full money back guarantee (not that you’ll use it), this program is a no-brainer. Rowley is an expert in his field and there is a reason that even other fitness experts look up to him.

To buy Extremely Simple Fat Loss or to learn more about it, I recommend you visit John’s actual site.