About John Rowley

John Rowley is a fitness expert and international best-selling author, as well as founder of the 52 Million Pound Challenge, a fitness program that dares North America to lose a total of 53 million pounds. As we all know, America is currently the number one nation with the most obese population, and John Rowley considers it his mission to help fellow Americans overcome obesity and live healthier, happier lives. His impact has been widespread with the release of several of his online programs and instructional guides on how to get fit and healthy.

John RowleyThrough John’s efforts of inspiring millions of people to become fitter physically, mentally as well as spiritually, John Rowley has successfully earned the title “America’s Lifestyle Strategist.”

His ability to use simple, commonsense solutions to better health and fitness gained him widespread following and international acclaim.

His Extremely Simple Fat Loss diet is a prime example of this.


John Rowley’s amazing rise to fame is backed by a very inspiring story of his life struggles and climb to greatness and success. He started his passion for fitness as a college athlete but his career was instantly cut short by an almost fatal car accident. Although John’s career as an athlete was suddenly put to a halt, he was still determined to succeed and studied fitness, anatomy, kinesiology, exercise, and nutrition.

His original goal was to get the health of his body back after his accident but soon enough, John found himself thoroughly immersed in the science and implementation of peak performance and human potential.

Before his ultimate success in the fitness industry, John faced yet again another obstacle as he neared the verge of bankruptcy. At certain times, he and his family didn’t have any food to eat or just enough money to pay the bills, but John refused to give up. He worked his way from the bottom as a Brooklyn janitor then gained a position at one of the most highly esteemed real estate firms in Manhattan. After that, John bought the R&J Health Studio, placed even more investments in real estate, and started several other companies. Through and through though, John has always felt that his savviest investment was in his own self and the people around him.

Career and World-Acclaim

John Rowley’s R&J Health Studio gym earned world-renowned success attracting instant international sensation when it was featured in the movie that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno called “Pumping Iron”.

John then started his career as an internationally acclaimed fitness author, entrepreneur, speaker, TV & radio personality, and of course as a true expert in fitness and peak performance.

He is the routine consultant of athletes, celebrities, and business people alike, assisting them in energizing their bodies and maintaining a well-balanced mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

Among his international best-sellers are the books “Power of Positive Fitness (Maximizing Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Health)”, “Climb Your Ladder of Success without Running out of Gas (The Simple Truth on How to Revitalize Your Body and Ignite Your Energy for Lifelong Success)”, and “Old School New Body (The F4-X Youth Enhancing Body-Shaping System for Men & Women)”, and now his latest and “greatest” … Extremely Simple Fat Loss.

J. Rowley is also a speaker and contributor to Fox News, Martha Stewart Living, and even SmartMoney. He is the Director for the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and a judge for the Louisiana Seafood Fitness and Health Challenge. John is an author for Labrada Nutrition and an expert contributor to Iron Man Magazine.