Skinnylicious Cooking Reviews – Are Flavia Delmonte’s Recipes Worth It?

Many of us try to avoid diets and do the healthy living thing. We try to eat when we are hungry, eat healthy food, and stop eating when we are full. Unfortunately, this 3-step process doesn’t normally work to fight fat and help us lose weight, and we easily cave and go back into our old eating habits. Flavia Delmonte says that there is a reason this 3-step process is not working, and her Skinnylicious Cooking system has the answer to success. But does it?

What Is This All About?

The Skinnylicious Cooking system is a cookbook combined with information you need to know to burn fat and get the healthy body weight you want. Moreover, you will learn how to create recipes that taste great.

The recipes have been created specifically to burn fat, but they have also been created to be delicious at the same time. This is a relatively new concept to people who have been dieting for a while, but Flavia Del Monte makes it easy to understand.

Skinnylicious Cookbook

You will also learn tips and tricks on cooking food perfectly, cooking kid-friendly meals, foods that fight fat, how to boost your metabolism with food, and how to make dessert a fat-burning powerhouse. This is just a shortlist of what Flavia promises to teach you inside.

How It Works

Skinnylicious Cooking uses the 3-step process, but the food that you eat is the food inside the cookbook. In other words, you eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full, but you only eat the recipes inside of the cookbook. This is, she says, what makes the difference.

Why? Because her recipes have been designed to work with your body, promote internal health, and help you burn the fat once and for all. Flavia didn’t just come up with recipes out of the blue. She paid thousands of dollars to learn from chefs who have specific knowledge of how to create fat-burning foods.

All you have to do is follow the recipe exactly. It was created with exact measurements and exact ingredients to give you the exact benefits it promises.

There are also four bonuses included to help you make the most of the diet. They include:

  1. How To Cook 15 Meals In 15 Minutes: If you are a busy person, you will appreciate this bonus. It will help you create the meals you need ahead of time so that you don’t stop by the local food joint or make something completely unhealthy for yourself if you run out of time to cook.
  2. The 3-Day Delicious Diet: Do you want to lose weight quickly? This is a diet that can help you do that, but it doesn’t require starvation or any other common trick to lose weight fast.
  3. Recipe Sheets: We all like to have a recipe sheet beside us as we cook, and since you are getting this cookbook as a digital download, Flavia has included easy to print recipe sheets for your convenience.
  4. Weekly Grocery List: Do you ever wonder if you are buying too much of something? Or, do you ever have leftover food that goes bad in the fridge? This grocery list will tell you exactly what you need to buy for the recipes you are making for the week. It couldn’t be easier to go shopping!

About Flavia Del Monte

Flavia DelmonteFlavia is a certified nutritionist, registered nurse, certified personal trainer, fitness model, and mother. She is an expert in her field of health, and she runs a popular blog on top of it all. She is married to Vince Del Monte, who has dedicated his life to helping skinny guys get built. She lives and breathes what she does, and she is your answer to better health through nutrition.

Positive Reviews

  • Learn how to cook healthy food that taste delicious (a totally new concept for most of us).
  • Learn what foods can help to stop inflammation in your body and improve your health and increase weight loss.
  • All recipes are created by professional chefs as well as Flavia.
  • Recipes are made to burn fat.
  • You can eat whenever you are physically hungry.
  • Learn to be mindful of your body and the messages it is sending you.
  • Get a shopping list that will tell you exactly how much of one ingredient to buy for the week.
  • Feel good about the food you are feeding yourself and your family.
  • Does not require you to buy fancy, unknown health ingredients.
  • Lose weight without cravings, hunger, or stress.
  • Recipes are exact and only require you to follow the instructions.
  • Instantly downloadable. You could be making healthy food within minutes of buying it.
  • The cookbook comes with an incredible guarantee.

This is one of the most unique guarantees I have seen. Not only is Flavia offering a 60-day money back guarantee for her Skinnylicious Cooking, she is also offer a credit of $120 for any of her other programs.

Negative Reviews

  • If you believe being healthy is supposed to be hard, you may sabotage your efforts with this diet.
  • If you can’t stick to the recipes, then weight loss is not guaranteed to happen.

Where To Buy Skinnylicious Cooking

Flavia is selling her cookbook through ClickBank, and you can buy it directly from the sales page that she has set up for it. When you buy, you will be given instructions on how to get access to the information.


Is This Really Worth It?

I absolutely believe that this is worth it. Flavia is a well-known expert in the fitness industry. She has her reputation behind this product, and she has a body that proves that her diet is keeping her healthy and looking great.

She has spent thousands of dollars learning how to create delicious but fat-burning food, and she has many insights about nutrition, weight, and health that many other diets do not talk about.

She also has the answer to the 3-step process. Eat when you are hungry, eat food from the Skinnylicious Cooking recipes, and stop when you are full. With her recipes in the equation, weight loss is guaranteed to happen. All you have to do is cook and eat them.