What’s the best exercise to lose fat? While there may be effective exercises that can aid you in losing weight, the key to getting your goal is consistency. Once you have started, you must never go back to slacking for most times of the day. While you can slow down with your exercises once you have attained your ideal body shape, this does mean that you can stop. You will only modify the exercises to suit your needs and physical requirements. You must still be active in doing these activities to make sure that you won’t regain the pounds that you have already lost.

While you are still in search for the best exercise to lose fat, here are some of the workouts that you can try, which can help you shed unwanted weight and get your ideal body shape. Even though these are extremely simple fat loss workouts, that doesn’t mean they’re “easy” to do. Enjoy!

  • You can begin by brisk walking. You can do this on purpose or walk instead of riding the bus or driving your car on your way to a nearby destination. This is a good cardio workout that can help burn up to 360 calories in an hour. Aside from burning calories, the activity can also help in toning different parts of your body, including the legs, hips and abs.
  • When your body is already accustomed to doing exercises, you can jog instead of merely walking. This exercise can help in burning up to 550 calories in an hour. While the activity can be done at home or in your backyard, this is your chance to breathe fresh air, so jog along the park or any open space. To make the activity more fun, bring a jogging buddy with you and do the exercise at the start of your day.

You can also opt to jog at night. Instead of a friend, you can take your dog for a night walk, while you do the exercise.

  • Swimming is a fun and pleasant way to exercise, especially when the weather is too hot. In an hour, this activity can help in burning up to 800 calories. You do not have to do special movements while in the pool. You simply have to do some laps until you have lasted for an hour and beyond. To keep you motivated, you can treat yourself to a spa treatment or use the Jacuzzi after the exercise. Aside from burning calories, this can also help in toning all the muscles in your body. This is also a good exercise for your lungs.
  • Another good way to burn calories is to ride the bicycle. In an hour, you can burn up to 1000 calories depending on your speed. If you cannot do this every day due to your schedule, set a day of the week when you will do this kind of activity. Bring along friends who would go biking with you to interesting places. This will make the activity a lot more fun and enjoyable.
  • Dancing is another recommended exercise to lose fat. It does not matter whether you are good at it or not. Nobody needs to see you dance. When you do this frequently, you will become a better dancer and maybe, you will have more confidence to join dance exercise groups or do the activity along with your buddies. In an hour, this can help in burning up to 800 calories, depending on your movements.

To help you in the process, you can buy exercise DVDs that you can follow. You can also record your favorite dance movements that are uploaded on the internet. The activity, aside from helping you in losing weight, will also boost your energy so that you accomplish lots of work throughout the day.

  • Losing weight does not need to be expensive. In fact, you can get this done even while you are at home. What can you do? A lot. For one, you can clean the house. This will not only make your housemates happy, but this will also help in burning 200 calories in an hour. Sweep the floor and vacuum the dust. While you are engaged in the work, get some music to pump up your blood and to boost your energy, so that you won’t get tired easily.

Gardening is another housework that you can do. This can burn up to 350 calories per hour. You can rake the leaves, pull the weeds and clip your plants. The activity will make you sweat out a lot, especially when the weather is hot. In this case, do not forget to keep yourself protected from the sun and drink lots of water as you proceed with the task.